Wednesday, July 3, 2013


owen laughing!

mr. four months

I know its cliche but I cant believe my baby is 4 months old! He is so big already, cant he just stay this size?! He has grown so much physically and mentally, he hits every milestone with flying colors.

-he tries to sit up every chance he gets. If i leave him even slightly propped up, he will try to sit up until he is blue in the face!

-Owen loves swim days. He gets such a kick out of being in the pool.

-he is talking, laughing, smiling and YELLING more than ever! Now our eating out days are not only rare, but also numbered.

-he loves to stand and balance with his paws holding my fingers. I cant even imagine him not walking as soon as possible! Im proud, but he can take his sweet time for that step as far as im concerned haha.

-he rolls and scoots and wiggles himself all over the place when i put him down.

-Owen loves loves loves watching tv. He is instantly glued to any tv anywhere.

-he has gotten much better in his carseat this month thanks to his toys! makes car trips much easier for momma

-O looooves his umbrella stroller, anything to aid in his mission to face out and see everything there is to see!

-he absolutely adores his big bro Charlie. He has become very deliberate in his attempts to reach out and pet his dog. It is adorable!

-he will also grab chuckles' fur, any toys, hair, clothing, eyeballs etc that he can get a hold of. He is a pincher!

-he wont take a teether but loves to chomp on mom and dads fingers and drools EVERYWHERE! Im expecting teeth soon.

-any trace of red hair he had is long gone and he is now 100% a blondie

-his laugh is to die for, but good luck getting one out of him if you're not our dog!

-he is still EBF which makes momma super proud (of both parties ;) )

-he hardly ever cries, so when he starts to whine there is a 98% chance he has an empty belly. easy fix, easy baby!

-Owen loves to put his hands in my food any chance he gets. Tuna, yogurt, potato salad. Is it gross that i kinda love to watch him do it?! Its a mess but i love to see his mind process the sensory stimulation.

-he also loves to watch me eat and drink! He gets so intent on watching sometimes i offer him some but he doesnt budge at that haha soon im sure!

-diaper changes are a favorite pastime of his! instant happiness with a bare bum.

all in all, Owen is growing up way, way too fast for me, but i couldnt be more proud of him. When Klay and i look into his sweet face it is so obvious how aware and intelligent he is, it blows our minds! We are so blessed to have him in our lives. I love spending my every day with him. He is so special and sweet, i just cant wait to see what happens next!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy wife happy life

just a few shots from this weekend! Klay and i love nothing more than spending the day with Owen and Charlie, doing whatever activities we darn well please (unfortunately we live in Arizona though, so most of those include being in the mall for the free ice cold a/c). Doesnt really matter what it is, we just love being a family. Thats all that matters! I'll spare you yet another mushy proclamation of what a great father Klay is and how much i loooooooove him, and tell all the daddy's out there
Happy Fathers Day!
Thank you for all you do. Have a great day!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

the quiet things that no one ever knows

One fun thing about motherhood is that everyone will tell you how skinny breastfeeding will make you.

I dont know who made up this cruel tale but i'm debunking it right here and now. It doesnt. When you have your baby you will drop a solid 25-30lbs of baby, placenta and water weight. So if thats all you gained, thats awesome! The rest is up to you. Not breastfeeding. Boo.

People tell me all the time how breastfeeding will melt my fat away. I dont know if i have ever looked at someone with such a blank stare before. That certainly remains to be seen.

I dont know why i thought gaining so much weight would be a good idea while i was pregnant... but maybe i needed to, who knows. Apparently I like to do things the hard way, and maybe i just needed a good old reminder of how lucky (and not fat) i was prepregnancy. One thing positive i will say about my pregnancy weight gain and my new curvy nursing body is that i now have a completely different and much healthier relationship with food. I am much more patient and healthy and less in need of a quick fix.

I will say that old habits die hard and i was so anxious to do whatever i could to drop the weight and flab immediately, but that was short lived. I am Owen's only source of nutrition and there is no amount of selfish pride that would make me consiously make the decision to deprive him of anything. I noticed a sharp decrease in nutrients in my milk when i went on a low carb fling, we cant have that!  This made me reevaluate my priorities and chose a healthier way. Klay and i have done our research and are actively striving to eat much better. We have noticed such a positive outcome in our energy levels and our outlooks on everything. We feel so much better! Fruits and vegetables are amazing.

One thing that really surprised me about exploring our new diet choices was just how "off" i have become. After losing so much weight earlier in my life, i could tell you the serving and calorie count of ANYTHING. So much so that i stopped looking it up or measuring or tracking how much i was intaking. I probably estimated OK for a while but i got way off. Out of curiosity the other day, i was thinking about my breakfast and was like, that was maybe 200 calories. When i added it up it was over 600 (healthy) calories. Holy crap! That prompted me to really get more of a hold on what i was putting in my body. Eating clean and natural has become so much more important in our lives and we are doing so much better because of it! I cant wait to raise Owen with a healthy view of the fuel that he puts into his body.

All in all, I know its annoying to see gym posts and food pics all over your feed but nutrition really is so important in leading a happy and healthy life.
Balance is everything!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

3 months old!

I am unsure whether we are excited about this milestone or if we are bummed that time is going by so quickly! We cherish every moment with our little man, but to be honest, the older he gets the more fun he becomes! Every day he wakes up with something new to show us! 

I am 3 months old!

my stats are
height: ~27 inches
weight: 12.5 lbs
size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes
long and lean, baby, long and lean!

  • i am not quite sleeping through the night but we don't really mind! i am a good sleeper as long as i've had something to eat every 2-3 hours. 
  • i love to look at my toy bug friends on my car seat. i will stare crosseyed at them for an hour if you let me! 
  • i smile all the time, my momma loves it!
  • my mom caught me laughing a few days ago, they are so excited to hear more of that!
  •  i love to talk to my parents and tell them all about my feelings. momma will post a video because it is just the cutest thing!
  • i love to stand and sit with the help of my parents. laying down is for 2 month olds!
  • i love to eat both my hands all the time, they are delicious!
  • i do not take a binkie. do not even try! i become significantly more angry haha.
  • i can roll over, but i don't do it that often. being on my tummy is not my favorite passtime.
  • i have been improving my hand eye coordination this past week or so. i can pat my momma and grab my toys a lot better now! 
  • i am getting better in the car, which makes my mom and dad very happy. no one likes a backseat screaming baby!
  • if i seem to be having a rough day, go ahead and turn on the you tube video for "i'm a gummy bear", I LOVE IT!
  • i am very strong and hold my head up very well! 
  • i am a drooler and love to blow bubbles all dang day! 
  • if i'm fussing, i'm hungry. FEED ME! otherwise i am the happiest baby!
  • i'm a little fish, i loove swimming with my mom and dad!


I just have to gush about this for a minute, even if it is for no one but myself.
I love being a momma. Every day i wake up with a purpose and an energy that can only come with doing exactly what i am meant to be doing in this life. I am so thankful for a husband who works so hard, hard enough to allow me to be a stay at home momma. I am so thankful for his patience and his willingness to sacrifice so much to make it possible for me to be with owen every day. In this lifetime, few things will be as precious as these moments i spend raising him. I am so thankful to have married someone with knowledge and confidence in the fact that staying at home is the most important thing i could be doing for our family at this time! I am so so blessed!

(Here is where i would like to post THE CUTEST picture i took of O and Klay in the bathtub last night 
but i will refrain... best thing ever!!)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013